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Preparing your car for winter.

As winter sets in, we aren’t the only ones that feel the change in season. Just like their owners, vehicles tend to hate the cold weather to and they may be disgruntled to wake up on a Perth winter morning. Here are some things you can do to make it easier and ensure the health of not only your car, but your safety to.

CHECK YOUR BATTERY – Winter can make a car’s fluids thicker which means batteries need to generate extra power, especially if you’re running extra features like the heater or windscreen wipers. Richard’s Tyrepower store do FREE battery testing and also sell batteries if it does need replacing.

REPLACE YOUR WINDSCREEN WIPERS – Make sure your windscreen wipers are in working order and replace them if they are degraded or ineffective. Check the fluid is topped up so you are able to clear any frost from your windscreen and check the nozzles and pipes are clear. Wipers help you stay safe on winter roads when there is poor visibility and they are cheap to replace.

WARM UP YOUR ENGINE – Cold mornings mean sluggish engines, thick fluids and cold pipes. We recommend starting your car two minutes before you plan to leave to enable it to warm up and ensure it’s in smooth working order for your drive. Some vehicles may have a winter, wet or all weather driving mode and it’s a good idea to engage this when driving.

USE YOUR HEADLIGHTS – On dark mornings, you should turn your headlights on for increased visibility. Make sure you also clear your headlight casing and replace any bulbs that need replacing before the season hits its peak. Early winter morning conditions can be unexpected and cars can be less responsive so always proceed with caution and take your time on the roads.

CHECK TYRE TREAD – By turning your front wheels full lock to each side, you can inspect your tyres for sufficient tread. If there are any cracks, flat spots or gashes, you should have them replaced before driving in winter conditions. If you are unsure or would like our tyre experts to take a look, contact your nearest store today and make sure you’re safe this winter.

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